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At executive level, the challenges for project delivery often arrive in the guise of conflicting priorities – and the need to manage them while still staying on track to meet business targets.

Atlassian has finally pulled up a chair in the executive suite, with JIRA Portfolio.

Atlassian Historically, began their journey – and sowed their seeds for success – with a focus on tools for IT teams. Products like JIRA, Confluence, HipChat, Dev Tools and JIRA Service Desk also turned out to be great for project managers. With JIRA Portfolio, Atlassian is effectively taking it to the ‘C’ layer (CEO, CIO, CTO, CFO).

Atlassian’s JIRA Portfolio is the new add-on that makes high level priority and target management possible. It’s the newest addition to the Atlassian stack and provides the missing element of portfolio management – giving visibility, and clarity to your decision makers and your blue sky thinkers, and enabling real time information to be viewed, shared and managed.


Top-down and bottom-up

JIRA Portfolio is tapped into all the power of the information you have in JIRA – right down to task level. So the benefits are two-fold.

Shifting priorities shouldn’t be showstoppers

It’s a reality for many organisations that business priorities can shift and shift again. Make changes in JIRA Portfolio and you’ll see priorities change right down to run-sheet level, so the work being completed by individuals and teams reflects the priorities of your business. In real-time.

Make realistic commitments

Conversely, if teams are experiencing challenges, then project delivery and completion are inevitably affected. JIRA Portfolio makes it possible to see – and manage – conflicting priorities. An extra level of visibility so that you can make promises you’re able to keep.

Say goodbye to third party portfolio management

If you’ve been tapping into the power of JIRA and Confluence to run your projects, with clear task priorities right down to the individual lines of code, you’ll already know that a portfolio planning and management tool is a key part of tying the work at the coalface back to business goals. With JIRA Portfolio, you now have plug-and-play portfolio management layer that’s 100% compatible with the Atlassian stack. No more integration and compatibility woes with third party products.


JIRA Portfolio is the missing piece of the puzzle

The power of JIRA lies in its granularity. The way it provides access to real-time updates about individual tasks and issues. JIRA Portfolio maintains the idea of collaboration and visibility as a key focus, taking information transparency and operational effectiveness to the next level. Runsheet, team, project and portfolio – harnessed. Your organisation’s leader will make better, reliable business decisions when they can view, plan and track important initiatives and strategic themes.

Solve real operational issues

With JIRA Portfolio, operational challenges of shifting or conflicting priorities become so much easier to manage. By tapping into the granular data that are the lifeblood of JIRA, you’re able to connect your dreams and goals to operational realities – with a clear picture of impacts, risks and conflicts.

A tool that helps you manage dependencies across teams and projects gives you an even better ability to ship on time – and on budget.


JIRA Cloud or JIRA Server installation

JIRA Portfolio is available for JIRA Server right now. It will be in the Cloud in early 2015. Atlassian is getting a large volume of feedback from users who are impatient to see this missing piece of the puzzle available OnDemand.

Talk to Design Industries about server-installed JIRA Portfolio, and how to get ready for Cloud, which Atlassian says we can expect to see in early 2015.

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