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Compile all of your team’s code in one central point with Atlassian Bitbucket

Integrating with JIRA, Atlassian’s Bitbucket is the point of call for your team to save code, request reviews, make changes and suggest code changes. Best of all, you can start now with 5 free users!

Why you need Bitbucket

  • TeamworkCreate team accounts and simplify communication between groups by having one centralised hub for teams to work in, allowing increased efficiency when cross-collaborating on large or complicated projects.
  • JIRA IntegrationBibucket integrates beautifully with JIRA. Link a JIRA issue directly to Bitbucket – assign the issue to a team and use Bitbucket’s powerful code tracking to manage an effective fix.
  • Discuss and createFork code, make changes and submit pull requests before they are merged. Discuss changes and suggest improvements from different teams on the source code itself with in-line comments.
  • Search
    Every commit created gets a unique url – using Bitbucket’s powerful search and browse tool, users can look-up branches or tags and dive deeper into your code by navigating through your commit history.
  • Flexible Bitbucket comes ready to go with integrations for popular tools such as JIRA, Crucible, Bamboo, Jenkins, and more. Or simply build your own advanced integration with the REST API.
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