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Jira Configuration

Design Industries are the experts in Jira configuration. As your Jira implementation partners, we’ll have your your Jira implementation humming along at full efficiency.

When you want more from your Jira system, put your trust in Design Industries to deliver top quality results.

Jira is an incredible stand alone product, and it works even better when integrated with other Atlassian software tools like Confluence collaboration software, Jira Service Desk, and more.

In fact, if your organization is progressive enough, we’d even recommend investing in the full Atalassian stack, which gives you the main Jira software package, Bitbucket, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, Hipchat, and Crowd, plus the essential server technologies including Jira Core, Fisheye, Crucible, and Bamboo.
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About Jira integration

If all that sounds like a lot of stuff, there’s actually still more. You can also purchase add-on packs which include Portfoilio for Jira (a software development roadmapping tool), Questions for Confluence (a Q&A system to make it easier to share knowledge), and Team Calendars for Confluence (exactly what it sounds like).

With all these tools to assist you, it will be virtually impossible to lose track of where everyone involved in a project is and what they’re supposed to be doing. In short, when integrated properly, these tools boost productivity, increase accountability, and provide a more streamlined workflow process.

Design Industries are your perfect Jira partners, making it simple to integrate Atlassian technologies so your business can maintain maximum operational potential.

Our services

We provide a full range of Jira consultation services including:

  • Jira set up and configuration
  • Jira integration
  • Jira training
  • Jira support

Anything you need in terms of getting the best from your Jira implementation, Design Industries can provide it.

Why it’s important for enterprises to have Jira partners assisting

If your staff have to spend time working to set up, integrate, maintain, and support your Jira platform, this takes time away from other more important tasks they could be doing.

Having access to reliable Jira partners such as Design Industries means you don’t need to worry about having specialist in-house staff to support Jira for you. Clearly this will result in significant cost savings, and allows your business to keep focus on core tasks.

Why Design Industries are the right Jira partners for your business

As the leading Jira partners in Australia, we have extensive experience in assisting all kinds of businesses and organizations to implement Jira in various ways. Jira is a flexible platform that can be adapted to many different situations, and our experience in a wide variety of different implementations means we can draw on a lot of knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Every business is different, and while many will have things in common, there are enough unique attributes to require custom tailored solutions. Design Industries has the expert professional consultants you need to provide the right solutions to suit the needs of your business.

Get your Jira implementation right from the outset

There can be no doubt that the most important thing in any newly established Jira system is to ensure it is set up and configured correctly. When the Jira configuration is not optimal, the resulting performance will not be optimal either.

Choosing Design Industries as your Jira Implementation Partners

As your Jira Partners, we’ll make sure your teams are completely ready for Jira and any associated products you are running with it such as Confluence. This includes provision of Jira training, assistance with set up and configuration, and on-going support for as long as you subscribe to it.

We are true Atlassian experts

Our team of consultants are experts in all Atlassian software, including Jira. There is no problem too complex, and we will always be able to find the solution you need. When you choose Design Industries as your Jira partners, you have expert help on call.

Provide the best support for your clients

For companies and organizations that deal directly with the public or B2B clients, Jira has everything you need to ensure your teams can provide accurate, timely, and genuinely useful information. You’ll also be able to keep track of problems, document the solutions, and create insightful reports based on activities performed in the course of work.

Project Management made easy

Jira’s project management tools and interface will provide the very best user experience you could hope to find. It’s all there ready for you to make use of. When you do, you’ll have a clear overview of the status of every task on every project at every site you’re responsible for. For project managers, Jira is like a dream come true. Nothing has been forgotten.

Integration with Confluence

The only thing better than Jira is Jira integrated with Confluence! Never before have two applications formed such a perfect symbiosis for achieving better business results. It’s very easy to integrate these Atlassian products, and if you should need help with doing so, we’re never farther away than a phone call.

We are Jira integration experts, and we can make sure your integration with Confluence or other compatible software titles is flawless.

This will forever change your business for the better

Atlassian software products have been carefully designed to provide real benefits to business and non-profit groups, by extending their documentation, communication, and reporting possibilities.

Using these products provides results you can measure, along with a few that could be regarded as immeasurable in terms of their positive effects. Using these products not only helps streamline the workflow, but also can help boost employee morale because they know they have the right tools for getting the job done.

Find out more by calling Design Industries

We’re here to help you get ready for Jira. When you are ready to get more information, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Design Industries is a quality Jira consultant you can depend on for the help you need when you need it.

Design Industries are an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner that offers premium Atlassian support. We also offer a high level of Jira support & confluence software support.
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