The principal we have been touting remains the same: software and web systems can be used to create seismic improvements in the operations of your businesses.

Relevantly and regardless of what platform or software, using hard won experience to create your integrated software solutions will have measurable, tangible results. It is this foundational and enduring principal of Design Industries to create business systems optimised for efficiency and results that maintain our success.

Have you experienced the heavy-handed, throw-tech-around, just-make-it-pretty business model?

We exist as the Antidote, ensuring our software – and thus yours – is the best we can find, build and deploy, anywhere in the world.

Michael Dockery

Michael Dockery

Michael, a big picture man, listens to clients’ needs and advises them on how to make their business profitable and meet their objectives through online software solutions. His favourite words are ‘efficiency’, ‘ROI’ and ‘automation’. He thrives on mechanics and precision engineering – both the F1 type and that of a high performing business.

Michael loves getting start-ups off the ground from idea to success story, to him it’s like building lego: piece by piece to create something great. Michael is inspired by martial arts masters plus the balance and focus that their philosophies inspire.

Ralph Braganza
Systems Manager

Ralph ensures the right people are in the right place doing the right things.

Working across managerial, technical and client sides of DI, Ralph knows how to explain complex, sophisticated technologies and software in everyday language.

Degree qualified, Ralph is fascinated by technology, futurism, health, fitness and well-being. Outside of the office he is always on the look out to learn new things. At DI Ralph supports the team to deliver effective projects at lightning speed.

Our Team: Experienced and Eager

“Living the Agile life” – Our Wednesday morning “daily standup meeting” – 10-15 minutes reviewing the digital wall board in our Atlassian JIRA platform, looking at time we have scheduled this week and how we are going against it – 40% time elapsed, 34% work complete – then individually stating our top 2 priorities for the day and any blockers on existing tasks (so the rest of the team can offer support and join in if required) –

We’ve been going for fifteen years and have gone through three offices, over 20,000 cups of coffee and counting…

As the technology has evolved, so has DI matured, though our can-do attitude has not faded and the benefit of experience enables us to work with precision. Over the years we’ve perfected our forte: combining technology and software expertise with a holistic, cross-platform strategic business analysis – turned into meticulously planned and executed strategy tailored to clients’ needs.

Our project management, client services and development teams come from far and wide armed with diverse, dynamic and cutting edge capabilities. At DI, we have plenty of method combined with a healthy dose of madness.

We are multi-linguistic in ‘human’ languages as well as a plethora of coding languages and we totally believe in intelligent design. We are passionate about what we do and are all constantly educating ourselves in order to master this ever changing field.

When the DI crew isn’t at HQ we do fun stuff like: gardening, cooking feisty curries, rollerblading, having NERF wars, posting on Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter/the latest obsession, playing 80s arcade games, appreciating wine, making home-brew, horse riding, you name it!