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Attention Australian Enterprise Owners…

Confluence support keeps your company chemistry & productivity running at 100% efficiency the whole year round

Discover how a managed service for your Confluence environment will support your organisation to reduce IT debt, get focused and grow quicker than you can imagine

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A few of our world class software partners…

Maximise your ROI with our expert Confluence support

Confluence software is used by 80% of Fortune 100 Companies, with software inside Audi, Swisse, Bunnings, Australia Post, ANZ, Caterpillar, NAB, NASA, Qantas, Twitter and Tinder!

However, it can be complex and difficult to get maximum value unless you have an Atlassian software expert to support you.

You can get a range of different Confluence support packages which you can pre-purchase or we can tailor a package to suit your budget and requirements. Our experts are here to solve your problems all year round – we also do regular health checks, upgrades and security updates to keep you running at max-capacity.

Atlassian Partners who help you configure & improve your Confluence software

We have over 18 years’ experience supporting some of the largest Australian companies and government departments with their Atlassian software.

As Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution partners, we know how to integrate Confluence into your business, get the most out of it and solve any problems you may have.

If you’re like most people who have Atlassian Confluence, you are barely using a fraction of its true potential. We can configure it to your business in as little as 3 weeks and give you ongoing support to ensure you maximise your productivity and ROI.

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Learn how to track & optimise every second of your team’s time, making Jira a profitability weapon

We’ve helped companies and government agencies large and small become more efficient

Extra value you could discover when speaking to an expert…

  • WARNING: Your Company Is Bleeding Money in Productivity
    When you don’t have the right project management software and systems in place your company bleeds profit like a sliced artery!
  • The Inconvenient TRUTH About Managing Company Projects
    People are shocked to learn the TRUE cost of an inefficient project – find out how a few small changes can skyrocket your bottom-line
  • 3 Easy Ways You Can Slash Your Project Completion Times
    These simple yet highly effective methods dramatically reduce the time your business spends on each project and slash your costs
  • Which Atlassian Software Do You Need To Become Profitable
    Some Atlassian products are more essential to your business then others – discover which will deliver the best ROI for you
  • How To Boost Your Company’s Efficiency By At Least 200%
    When you follow these proven and highly effective strategies you can easily DOUBLE your company’s productivity and efficiency

Speak To An Atlassian Expert Now
Learn how to track & optimise every second of your team’s time, making Jira a profitability weapon

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Watch your productivity soar all year round

When you use traditional project management methods everyone lives inside email trails and Excel spreadsheets which makes it impossible to run efficiently.

Nothing can be easily found or shared – and when someone leaves your company their data can be lost forever. When you get Confluence working at full capacity and your team members properly trained everything becomes streamlined, efficient and more profitable.

However, you MUST have the right support for your Atlassian software because it can be frustrating and complex.

Our expert team can help you tweak, update and monitor your Atlassian Confluence and solve any problems fast. Read More

Atlassian Confluence

If you want to get the most value out of your Atlassian Confluence licence, come and talk to a Design Industries Confluence expert today. We are the masters of Confluence support, with world-class experience in Confluence software, on par with the best outside the Atlassian team themselves.

That is why we’re the best choice to provide your business with Confluence help in every form,  including deployment of Confluence on AWS. When you need a Confluence expert you can rely on, Design Industries is your perfect partner for Atlassian Confluence.

The number one service in Australia for Confluence help

Enterprise level services need enterprise level support, and there is no better enterprise partner to provide support in Confluence software to your business teams than Design Industries.

We are the market leader for a reason. That reason is that we never compromise our standards, providing a first rate service every time, perfectly tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Because we have experience serving such a wide range of different clients in many different implementations of Atlassian Confluence, we’re able to draw on that experience to provide solutions for any problem that you bring to us.

We’re in the problem solving business, and that’s what we do. So when you have a problem, make it our problem, and we’ll fix it for you.

More than just Confluence support

While Confluence support is what we’re famous for, we do much more than that. In fact we provide a full range of services for Confluence, and also other Atlassian technologies. In particular we can help you to integrate Confluence with those other technologies, providing extra value on your Atlassian Confluence licence.

As your dedicated Confluence expert, you can expect all kinds of Confluence help from Design Industries. We do installations, integrations, upgrades, downgrades… you name it, if it’s Confluence-related we do it.

Giving you confidence with Confluence

In addition to all the great support, integration and installation services we provide, we also have another important service to offer. We also provide training in Confluence technology, so your team can achieve mastery of the software in the fastest time.

By learning the key skills and more advanced actions, your staff will increase their productivity and efficiency. The result is less wasted time and more actual output, whatever the role of any individual staff member may be.

We provide group training, one-on-one training, on-site training, off-site training, and online training.

Get more by putting Confluence on AWS

If you’re using AWS, adding Confluence to your cloud storage will take the load off your own servers, which means even more connectivity from even more places, with lightning-fast connections from almost anywhere on the planet. Talk to Design Industries to learn more.


Call us when you need a Confluence expert

Design Industries is one of the foremost companies providing support for Atlassian products in Australia. We can help you with any kind of Confluence issue you may need to deal with.

Our team of Atlassian experts are able to provide Confluence support, plus support for related products, including any that are possible to integrate with Confluence.

Helping you get the best from your Atlassian Confluence license investment

Commercial software suited to the enterprise environment is never cheap, even when it’s as affordable as Confluence is. This means you need to see the benefits returned by your software investment outweigh the costs. With our help, you’ll definitely notice the positive business-boosting effects that Confluence delivers.

What Confluence software can do for you

Confluence is a team collaboration tool used by many major corporations, non-profit organizations, and government authorities all around the world. It allows your teams to communicate ideas more efficiently, provides an interface that helps keep projects running on schedule, and makes it easier to access essential information.

You can use Confluence in-house, with external teams, and even with clients

Confluence is all about collaboration, and it’s not all that fussy who you collaborate with, provided they have a Confluence license and the appropriate access authorization.

This means when you’re working on joint projects with other companies or when you’re working closely in support of a specific client, you can use your Confluence system to provide the information sharing and communication benefits that help ensure a smooth collaborative process.

Confluence as an organizational tool

Confluence isn’t just about documenting things and sharing information. It does those tasks exceptionally well, but those are just the start of how Confluence can help business teams achieve better results.

One of the other remarkable benefits of Confluence is that it can help organize information more effectively by grouping related information together. Confluence does this via a concept called “spaces”, which is sort of similar to the idea behind storing files in folders, except it’s more complex than that. Spaces can be used in many different ways, and can be granted different access levels so you can control who has access to which information.

You can make use of these tools in all kinds of ways, from interdepartmental information sharing, CRM uses, provision of training or orientation materials, and much more.

Confluence also provides many tools to help you more effectively manage projects, especially when it is integrated with another Atlassian product called Jira.

Cloud hosting of Confluence with AWS

When you really need the power of big business server technology but you don’t have the infrastructure in-house to support it, you can take your Confluence system to a higher level by hosting it on the AWS service provided by Amazon. This also has the advantage of making your Confluence system location-independent.

Find out more by calling Design Industries

We’re ready to help you discover the many advantages Confluence can add to your business. Call us today to get more information on Confluence. We can also answer your questions about any other Atlassian products you may be interested in.

Design Industries are an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner that offers premium Atlassian support. We also offer a high level of Jira support & confluence software support.
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Keeps everyone accountable & on the same page

Clarity and accountability are key to effective project management.When you’re team doesn’t know what their responsibilities are they spin their wheels and never get anything done – and people hide when you can’t track them.

However, everything gets so much easier when you have Confluence integrated with our expert support.

You’ll be able to create, share and collaborate on projects in one place, to keep your projects moving forward, faster.

You can capture, store and grow your team’s knowledge on the same page, ensuring everything is done on time, on budget and nothing gets missed.

You need this type of visibility and accountability to achieve peak productivity.

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Learn how to maximise the ROI of your Atlassian software

How Can We Help You?

Tailored support packages

Need help integrating Atlassian software into your team? We have proven implementation strategies that help you get up and running as fast as possible. These include quick-start configurations, platform management, continual improvement services, ongoing coaching, team training and support.

Dedicated support experts

Our expert team are here for you year round. Whether to provide you extra layers of support to cover holiday leave, or enterprise support for your entire organisation, we will be there for you. Our expertise goes beyond Atlassian and extends to your integrated systems and software.

Proactive health monitoring

We conduct regular health checks, monitor live dashboards and pre-empt problems, meaning your support gets managed proactively. You’ll always be up to date with the latest security patches, upgrades and software updates so you minimise downtime and keep your business humming along.

Standard or custom built packages

You can pre-purchase one of our Atlassian support options or custom build a support package for your needs. You may already have some sort of Atlassian support inhouse but want to get heavy duty expertise to help with customisation and configuration. Whatever you needs we have the solution for you.

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Get insider advice on how to maximise your Atlassian ROI
& Become Wildly Profitable (Valued At $650)

Unlock efficiencies with our iron-clad guarantee

When you partner with Design Industries and Atlassian
software, we make you a simple, yet powerful, guarantee…

We GUARANTEE to make your business more streamlined and efficient, or we work for FREE until we do.

This guarantee is valid across any integration, training, or implementation we perform. We can’t be fairer than that.

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Learn how to maximise the ROI of your Atlassian software

Here’s what our happy clients are saying…

Design Industries are dynamic and great at tailoring Atlassian. We've worked with them for years; I'm always confident they can support our development with enthusiasm, professionalism & benchmark support

Matt LecchiGlobal IT Operations Manager, Swisse Wellness, 2018

Deploying DI’s Atlassian Patterns increased our productivity by 30%, reduced error’s by 90% and changed our release cycle from monthly to daily!

IT managerWorld's Leading Wetstock Management Software Provider, 2016

We reduced a number of tools across regions that caused miss-communication and inefficiency, bringing everyone into a single platform. By using the DI Configuration Patterns, we rapidly scaled Atlassian from 500 to 7,000 users, at the bare minimum doubling the efficiency of our teams, who are working on core bank payment systems such as our .com

Paul AnastasopoulosANZ SDCP Platform Manager, 2016

We have received prompt and flexible service at a competitive price. Our teams are able to collaborate more effectively.

Ronny TseeProject Analyst, Monash College, 2018

ANZ’s Journey With Atlassian

Finding Efficiencies For Berry Street

Hear What Design Industries Does

What else you could find out when speaking to an expert

Not sure you’re getting the best value out of your project management software?

  1. We break-down the ‘Health’ of your business’ Project Management systems (and if you currently use Atlassian we’ll show you where you’re leaving money on the table)
  2. We discuss how you can find efficiencies, execute projects faster, for less money, with less effort, (which makes your business substantially more profitable)
  3. You leave the meeting knowing more about your business and it’s systems – and you’ll have a document on exactly how you can implement changes to boost efficiency and profits!
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