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Atlassian Platform & Tooling Continual Improvement Service

Continual improvement of your Atlassian platform ensures business success, sustainable growth and incredible ROI.  Are you ready to boost your performance?

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Seeking a better ROI from your Atlassian toolkit?

If you’re like most people who have invested in Atlassian software, you probably aren’t using it to its full potential.

Atlassian’s tools are designed to grow and improve with your organisation, but often it’s hard to see what needs to be done to help you win the next race.

We know Atlassian’s tools inside and out and will regularly work with your team to identify exactly where the opportunities lie. We’ll then generate great ideas, develop a customised plan and deliver performance-enhancing components in time for the next race/program increment.

Find out how you can realise ROI sooner, rather than later

We analyse the details & fine-tune your Atlassian system

Our experts can analyse your current system, workflows and internal processes and suggest a range of improvements.

This may include quick wins like health checks, upgrades, workflow and configuration tweaks, to larger strategic improvements on a process and organisational level such as onboarding teams and functions, or installing additional plugins to add the capability to level up your team collaboration.

What kind of performance improvements can you expect? We’ve shifted companies from six-monthly to weekly code releases and scaled multinationals from 500 to several thousand users.

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A winning combination of proven processes & expertise

An organisation-wide strategy
The most efficient organisations in the world have seamlessly connected, well-crafted processes in place, backed by open communication and teamwork. We look at the Atlassian tools you are using together with the processes that connect each part of your organisation and fine-tune these to reduce friction and increase efficiency.

Ready to deploy, customisable solutions
If your workflows aren’t up to scratch, it’s unlikely you’ll be reaping the full benefit that Atlassian’s tools offer. Our best practice configuration sets of workflows for JIRA and Confluence are the fastest way to upgrade your organisation to standardised and well-governed processes. These processes are customised to meet your organisation’s specific needs and can then be improved as your organisation evolves.

A support team, not just an IT consultancy
Think of us as your own high-performance support team who’s invested in your success – the kind who work with Formula 1 racecars. As the driver, you know your challenges better than anyone – that’s why we take your feedback to improve your system to meet your goals.

Accredited Atlassian Experts
Design Industries (DI) is an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, and together with Atlassian and an ecosystem of over 20 world-class software partners, we assist you to maximise the wide-ranging benefits of the Atlassian team productivity suite. Our team works across the entire Atlassian platform and have extensive experience in digital information management, project / portfolio management, IT asset management, sales and marketing processes.

What our clients say

We reduced a number of tools across regions that caused miscommunication and inefficiency, bringing everyone into a single platform. By using the DI Configuration Patterns, we rapidly scaled Atlassian from 500 to 7,000 users, at the bare minimum doubling the efficiency of our teams, who are working on core bank payment systems such as our .com
– Paul Anastasopoulos, ANZ SDCP Platform Manager, 2016

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