Tips and tricks on safeguarding your data in the cloud

Keeping company data secure across a growing number of applications and endpoints is challenging for IT managers. When it comes to data and security on Atlassian cloud products, reliability, privacy, and compliance is critical.

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5 ways to drive efficiency with your-tools

Optimising the efficiency of your teams is important, but it can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools in place.

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6 Smart Steps for ITSM Tool Selection Success

The most critical mistake I&O leaders make in their selection of an IT service management (ITSM) tool is not ensuring that it is aligned to their desired state of I&O maturity before determining the appropriate ITSM tooling strategy. This leads to overpaying for tools that are too complicated, eventually slowing down operations and increasing overhead costs.

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C-Suite Thought Leadership – Is Your Business Future-proof?

To ensure your business is successful and can stand whatever may come to pass in the future (even a pandemic!), it’s critical to plan for what’s coming and have a strategy for how to meet it. With an effective approach to future-proofing, one can minimize the impact of disruptive forces.

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[Analyst Report] Three trends are transforming the service desk.

Technology and remote work has completely changed the way business is done these days. There’s been an expansion of service scope, an increased emphasis on collaboration (hello distributed workforce!), and a drive to integrate more intelligence with automation. The traditional IT-centric service desk is a thing of the past – and IT service management is no exception to these changes.

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[Analyst Report] Top 10 Trends for Infrastructure and Operations Teams.

Everything from cloud-native approaches, to product teams and DevOps, the challenges just keep coming for infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals who have never been under more pressure to change than now.

This Forrester report delves into the top 10 trends shaping the I&O role, and what modern I&O teams should start, continue, and stop using.

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[Whitepaper] 8 Atlassian Cloud Myths Busted.

While most businesses have successfully migrated their Atlassian stack to the cloud, there are still organizations who may be hesitant to make the transition from self-hosted to cloud-based environments.

We help you make the right decision for your business by separating fact from fiction as we debunk some of the most common myths about moving to Atlassian cloud:

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What’s New in Jira Software Cloud and Premium – Webinar On-Demand.

Learn about the latest innovation in Jira Software Cloud (including live demos!) and take away best practices that can help you get more out of Jira Software. Plan for how you want to incorporate new features into your team’s workflows and practices. Learn about key trends that shaped the roadmap along with primary research from Atlassian that supports these exciting trends.

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[DEMO] How to Scale with Jira Software Cloud and Confluence Cloud – Webinar On-demand.

Watch this demo for tips and tricks on how to mitigate the challenges of scaling with Atlassian cloud. Stop wasting time switching between applications.
Learn how you can connect Jira & Confluence to easily track Jira issues directly in Confluence in this quick guide we’ve put together.

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[Analyst Report] Enterprise Collaboration Whitepaper.

Now that work has gone remote, managing teams and keeping work on track has become a challenge and priority for organizations. The pandemic forced companies to switch to remote working very quickly. And for those that adapted, collaboration solutions saw staggering improvements in quality, innovation, and strategy.

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[Infographic] IT Service Management.

Take the test to find out where your team is on their ITSM journey. Are you a lean, mean ITSM machine? Assess where your team is on their ITSM journey, from beginner (hot air balloon) to expert (rocket), and get matched with resources to elevate your IT team to the next level.

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Make the case for Jira Software Data Center.

As Jira Software scales rapidly in your organization, you’ve probably spent time evaluating the benefits of Data Center and now want to make the case for it. Use this template to develop a plan for scaling using Data Center that you can share with your team, manager, or executives.

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3 Steps to Agile IT Service Management

IT Service Management practices can be bureaucratic and inflexible, ultimately creating tension between ITSM and agile (or DevOps) practitioners. According to Gartner, “By 2023, 80% of ITSM teams that have not adopted an agile approach will find their ITSM practices are ignored or bypassed as a result of more agile ways of working being adopted elsewhere in the organization.”

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JSM vs ServiceNow

Jira Service Management rapidly brings together dev, IT operations, and business teams to respond to business changes and deliver great service experiences fast. Get ITSM practices, like request, incident, problem, change, and configuration management – starting at only $20/agent/month.

Choose Jira Service Management for all the features your team needs to deliver great service, at a fraction of the cost, compared to ServiceNow.

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