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Atlassian Expert Support & Training

Because we’re Atlassian experts ourselves, it makes it easy for us to share the secrets and techniques that will help others be Atlassian experts too. Why not your staff? We can make a difference, and we can get you measurable results quickly and cost-effectively.

We are not just another Atlassian training and support company. We are the very best in the business because we are passionate about what we do and we have put in the effort to reach a level of expertise that most service providers would not be willing to do.

The results speak for themselves. We consistently deliver high quality Atlassian training and support to a large and growing body of satisfied clients. We aim high and we achieve our goals.
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Atlassian is Australian software that is used worldwide

If you’re still not sure Atlassian is the right solution for your business, we can help make the decision easier by telling you that it’s software used by many leading corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations all around the world. It’s also a product that was built right here in Australia, which means you can be sure of top quality.

Many of the problems that arise in software developed overseas, such as language bugs, font problems, and indecipherable error messages, are just not going to happen in Atlassian products. And when anything does go wrong or cause confusion, it’s really very easy to sort it out.

Atlassian is big right now and it keeps on growing

It’s always good to be in the company of winners, and Atlassian is surely a winner, with so many great products offered and more being developed or acquired all the time. The best may be yet to come, but everything in the Atlassian stable is a first class business product.

We can get you off to the best start

Our expert team of instructors live and breathe Atlassian. We’re familiar with the full range of Atlassian products and we can help your workers learn how to get up and running with these products, and then how to do even more. We can take them well beyond the basics with our innovative Atlassian training methods and top notch teaching tools.

You can also depend on us for reliable support and service

Training is an essential step in getting the best out of your software, but there are still times when you may have to deal with unexpected situations or come up with complex solutions to even more complex problems. We are here to help with whatever your team may be facing.


If you are using Atlassian software products in your workplace to empower your teams with the best project management and collaboration tools, you’re already driving your business forward with technology that is the best in its class.

What can put you in an even more advantageous position is having help from the Atlassian experts at Design Industries.

Our Atlassian professional services stand out from the crowd

We provide a range of Atlassian professional services to help ensure your Atlassian configuration is providing you with maximum results.

The suite of Atlassian software tools is so extensive and flexible that there are many ways it can be set up and managed, with some of them being much more effective than others.

Our consultants are experts in setting up and operating Atlassian software, so they can provide training, support, and consultancy services to ensure your implementation is efficient, boosting productivity and helping your team be 100 percent positive about the software tools they use to complete their business tasks.

A guide to our Atlassian professional services

Design Industries provides everything you need to get the most out of your Atlassian software implementation. Here are some of the many services we sell and recommend:

  • Training in all Atlassian software products at all levels
  • General help and support with all Atlassian products
  • Task specific consultation, to help with those more challenging situations
  • Expert product configuration and refinement
  • Help with custom modifications and upgrading
  • Advice on which tools are required for your goals
  • Repairing systems to good health when they experience problems due to user error

You are always in good hands with Design Industries

We are Australia’s leading experts in training, support, and consultancy for Atlassian software products. We also know that different businesses have different needs.

That’s why we provide Atlassian training courses and also bespoke training that is custom tailored to specific goals your business needs to address. We help get your teams ready for using Atlassian products and we also get your products ready for your teams.

We do fantastic things at Design Industries because we deal with such a wide range of Australian businesses and other companies globally.

This has allowed us to work with so many different implementations of Atlassian software that we can really do anything that any business requires to help them get the best out of their Atlassian subscription.

The best because we are Atlassian experts

We don’t just know Atlassian, we’re experts in it. That makes a huge difference when it comes to ensuring you have the best implementation with fast deployment, effective operations, and well trained team members.

We’ll help you avoid all the common and costly mistakes that other companies have made in their implementations, because we’ve seen them all. We know what the risks are, and how to avoid those risks.

Working with Design Industries as your Atlassian technology partner means never having to worry. You’ll always know you are operating at peak efficiency with us there to help you.

Call or email today for more information about our services

Design Industries is a leading Australian training and support services provider for all Atlassian products. We are Gold Solution Partners, and there is no challenge too great for us.  Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the services we offer.

Design Industries are an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner that offers premium Atlassian support. We also offer a high level of Jira support & confluence software support.
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