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Atlassian Managed Services

Free up your team to do their best work and leave the Atlassian maintenance and support to us.

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Lack the time & skills to manage your Atlassian environment properly?

Allocating Atlassian administrative tasks to IT, project leaders or even users might seem like an efficient use of resources, but it could be doing more harm than good.

Unqualified and untrained administrators are liable to perform even day-to-day tasks incorrectly, reducing the effectiveness of your Atlassian toolkit.

Handing your day-to-day Atlassian management to the experts gives time back to your staff so they can focus on what they do best, and keeps your Atlassian environment in top shape.

After all, you wouldn’t ask your postman to service your car, would you?

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Atlassian managed services by Atlassian Solution Partners

Best-practice expertise

We’ve got 18 years of experience managing Atlassian environments for small and large organisations around Australia.

Our expertise in designing and implementing Atlassian systems, together with our best-practice configuration sets gives us an impressive level of insight and skills that help us identify challenges and opportunities before anyone else.

Tailored support packages

A package to keep your Atlassian environment running smoothly may include:

  • Monitoring for performance issues
  • Performing regular health checks
  • Performing upgrades
  • Installing security updates
  • Onboarding and offboarding new users
  • Managing user security/access
  • Archiving artefacts
  • Setting up workflows
  • Trouble-shooting and support-desk functions

Strategy, implementation and beyond
Our Atlassian managed services are ideal for clients who engage us for strategy and implementation or continual development projects.

We can also be engaged separately for managed services or ad-hoc support if you are happy with your current setup.

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What our clients say

Design Industries are dynamic and great at tailoring Atlassian. We’ve worked with them for years; I’m always confident they can support our development with enthusiasm, professionalism & benchmark support
– Matt Lecchi, Global IT Operations Manager, Swisse Wellness, 2018

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