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Atlassian Licensing by Atlassian Solution Partners

Need a clearer picture of your Atlassian licensing set-up? Worried your team don’t have the tools they need? We can help!

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Equip your team & save money with a smarter Atlassian licensing plan

Unnecessary duplication of Atlassian instances, team members without access to vital tools, multiple renewal dates and incorrect license combinations all cost your organisation time and money that should be spent creating value for your customers.

With over a decade of Atlassian experience behind us, we can review your current licensing arrangements and make recommendations to save you money and reduce your administrative workload.

Your business will benefit from:

  • a free of charge evaluation and procurement service.
  • rapid response and turn-around times from our friendly team.
  • advice on creating efficient user tiers to increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • a thorough evaluation of your current set-up to identify user levels, duplications and areas of wastage.
  • cost comparisons and a Total Cost of Ownership report.
  • easier vendor management and simplified procurement.
  • competitive pricing and licensing for non-Atlassian software.
  • expedited requests due to our direct relationships with leading software brands.
  • one simple invoice for all of your licences in AUD or USD.

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Design Industries are dynamic and great at tailoring Atlassian. We've worked with them for years; I'm always confident they can support our development with enthusiasm, professionalism & benchmark support

Matt LecchiGlobal IT Operations Manager, Swisse Wellness, 2018

Deploying DI’s Atlassian Patterns increased our productivity by 30%, reduced error’s by 90% and changed our release cycle from monthly to daily!

IT managerWorld's Leading Wetstock Management Software Provider, 2016

We reduced a number of tools across regions that caused miss-communication and inefficiency, bringing everyone into a single platform. By using the DI Configuration Patterns, we rapidly scaled Atlassian from 500 to 7,000 users, at the bare minimum doubling the efficiency of our teams, who are working on core bank payment systems such as our .com

Paul AnastasopoulosANZ SDCP Platform Manager, 2016

We have received prompt and flexible service at a competitive price. Our teams are able to collaborate more effectively.

Ronny TseeProject Analyst, Monash College, 2018

ANZ’s Journey With Atlassian

Finding Efficiencies For Berry Street

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