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Design Industries – Your Atlassian Solution Partner

Want help with Atlassian?

Design Industries (DI) are your Atlassian Solution Enterprise Partners.  We’re a high-performance team ready to set you up on the fast track to success, whether you’re new to Atlassian or want a better ROI on your existing toolset.

For your Atlassian environment to be successful, four pillars need to be working effectively: operations, management, continual improvement and software licensing.  We strengthen you in these, through our depth of experience and market-leading Atlassian Configuration Sets.

Our focus is improving your organisation’s mission-critical team collaboration systems faster, with less disruption and amazing support, delivered entirely remotely.

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A few of our world class software partners

What can we help you with?

Businesses know that for a competitive edge, you need to support people with the best productivity tools.

DI helps you get more out of your Atlassian software so you can:

  • Deliver higher quality projects with effective budgeting, estimates and delivery
  • Improve the daily interactions of your team, customers, partners and suppliers
  • Move more quickly from ideation to execution of new initiatives in your environment
  • Reduce errors and associated re-work across internal and customer-facing processes
  • Continually improve processes to free up your team through greater automation
  • Be agile enough to change projects and focus mid-race

Once you decide the level of efficiency you need to reach and how quickly you’d like this to happen, we develop and cost a plan to optimize your Atlassian environment.

Got 30 minutes? We can help you define your Atlassian opportunities and guide you through the solutions we can offer.


The four pillars of success

To get the most out of your Atlassian software environment, you need to ensure these four pillars working as effectively as possible:

  • Operate: projects need to be stood up or archived, users need to be on and off boarded, artifacts need to be created and cleaned up
  • Manage: environments need to be maintained, software needs to be patched and upgraded and logs need to be monitored to ensure up-time and availability
  • Improve: Continual Improvement needs to be made to your processes to improve your rate of delivering value
  • Effective Software Licencing: your software needs to be current, accessible and optimised for your user count, and licences consolidated for easier billing

DI’s works across all four areas to ensure your system is built for endurance and performance.

Read about our Atlassian Support, Training, Licensing, Jira, BitBucket, Confluence, Amazon Web Services and Trello services.

We’ve helped companies and government agencies large and small become more efficient

How we make it happen

A high-performance pit crew

We create high-performance systems akin to a road-going Formula One vehicle – and we use Atlassian software to run them.

DI act as your pit crew, performing short tactical work like upgrades, training, adding teams and workflows, to longer-term projects like developing comprehensive solutions that are continually improved, and Atlassian license support.

Proven systems and processes

  • DI use proven Enterprise Maturity Road-maps to integrate your Atlassian products like Jira, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Bitbucket and Bamboo. These road-maps have been developed from years of working with the world’s best-known brands. We know what to do, where the friction points are, and how to manage and support your transition into your New Ways of Working.
  • Our Atlassian Configuration Sets allow us to quickly configure your environment.  Like upgrading to high-tech car parts, these pre-built packages of best practice workflows, issue types and reporting, with associated training, rapidly deliver measurable improvements in performance and governance.
  • Using agile software development processes, we deliver integrated, tested and efficient software systems that meet your needs.  Continual improvement is at the heart of this.
  • DI bring our customers the best compromise between what’s theoretically possible and what’s realistically achievable. We keep our eyes on the road ahead by continually developing ourselves and passing this technology, experience and expertise along to help you lead the race.

We can fully integrate your Atlassian products into your organisation, up-skill your team and have them leading the race in as little as 3 weeks from your first contact, all while keeping you in the driver’s seat.

What kind of performance improvements can you expect? We’ve shifted companies from six monthly to weekly code releases and scaled multinationals from 500 to several thousand users. One client reported that for teams who took on the software, at a minimum, it doubled their efficiency.

Got 30 minutes? Let’s talk about creating a high-performance system for your organisation.

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8 Myths About Moving to the Cloud Debunked

As an Atlassian Solution Partner, we’ve seen that most organisations who are hesitant about moving to cloud, aren’t equipped with the right information. This is why we’ve busted the top cloud myths – everything from security to performance – so you can make the best decision for your business.

Design Industries – Your Atlassian Platinum & Gold Solution Partners

Sometimes when you’re faced with a huge project, it can feel like you have the weight of the world resting upon your shoulders. Having help from an Atlassian expert partner can lighten the load, so you spend less time dealing with technical problems and more time focusing on what you do best.

How we help as your Atlassian consultant

Atlassian provides a great suite of tools to help you and your teams blaze through tasks and hit your targets more effectively. These tools are only totally effective when they’re used properly by every team member, and that’s not something you can guarantee unless everyone has full familiarity with all of the technologies.

We make it easier to get everyone on the same page. We provide support through our Atlassian helpdesk, we provide training in all Atlassian products, and we help your teams understand how they can get the very best out of each individual Atlassian product.

Atlassian is the solution that makes tackling large projects easier, and Design Industries is the Atlassian expert partner that makes it all easy  to learn and use.

Mastering the basics is easy, and with the right training, your entire organization can move far beyond the basics to expert level knowledge. When there are any problems or a team member is uncertain how to achieve a particular task, we can provide an Atlassian consultant to give expert one-on-one advice or group training, depending on the need.

Atlassian platinum solution partner

When you aim for the highest levels of efficient Atlassian services in your business, you have a lot of options. Sometimes it can even seem like there are too many options. In truth, you can never have too many options, but learning to use them to their best advantage is where the true power of Atlassian tools can be found.

As your Atlassian partners, we’re always ready to provide help and support, our skilled consultants, representing the best of Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners and Atlassian Gold Solution Partners

Atlassian gold solution partners

We help all kinds of businesses to get the most from their Atlassian service subscriptions.

As Atlassian Enterprise Solution partners, our services are tailored to your level so you get exactly what you need, without any time wasted on things that don’t apply to your situation.

Our goal is simply to be the best Atlassian partners for your business, so you can put these tools to work for you with complete confidence that your team can handle the task.

Help you can depend on through our Atlassian helpdesk

No problem is too great or too small for us to provide solutions for. It’s our main mission, and one we take pride in delivering. As your Atlassian solution partners, we are always ready to help and we are always there for you. That’s something you can depend on.

Work with Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners to gain more powerful insights

There are many things Atlassian software can do to provide a valuable boost to your business, and with the help of Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners from Design Industries, you’ll be able to make the most of what your Atlassian software can tell you. We’re ready to help get you started right now.

Your Atlassian Partners can help improve productivity

Atlassian is perfect software to help achieve greater workplace productivity for most kinds of businesses that work with information, design, or development tasks. It can also be used in other work contexts, covering communications, scheduling, project management, troubleshooting, CRM, and business reporting.

In fact it is such a flexible system that it can be used in different ways by different users, and there is plenty of help available based on what others have done before. With help from your Atlassian Partners you can achieve great things in your business.

This product can boost productivity by:

  • Enhancing communication between teams
  • Enhancing communication between team members
  • Easily set project goals and track the progress of each goal
  • Team members can create sub-tasks within primary goals
  • Other factors such as budget and expenses can also be tracked
  • Can also be used for things like setting up call-backs, appointments, meetings, etc.

An on-call Atlassian consultant to help smooth the way

Atlassian software is powerful, but there is a lot to learn. Working out how to set up your project may be a little daunting in the beginning, but fortunately you can always call direct to our Atlassian helpdesk and get any assistance you require.

It’s a strong advantage that lets workers get started on things more quickly and with less problems. You consultant is an Atlassian expert partner who can guide you through any task and answer any question.

Choose Design Industries for your Atlassian Solution Partners

We’re total experts in everything Atlassian (including Jira, Confluence and other related technologies). There is nothing we are not able to do with this software, and we are ready to share our expertise with your project teams.

We can help you with choosing the right software to meet your current and anticipated needs, configuration of your system, training for your staff, collaborative assistance, and also on-call helpdesk solutions.

The good thing is Atlassian products are relatively easy to use, and we help to make it even easier. Less confusion means faster results, clearer communications, and an all-round boost to workplace productivity and harmony. Your employees can get more done more easily and they’ll appreciate the benefits of Atlassian software, too. A happy work force is a work force that is more likely to stay with your company and more likely to give their best efforts.

We love Atlassian so much we built an entire business around it. We’re sure you’re going to love Atlassian too, so give us a call today at Design Industries and let’s talk about what we can do for you. You will probably be surprised how much of a difference Atlassian is able to make.  The results are measurable too, as you should see dramatic improvements in many areas.

Design Industries are an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner that offers premium Atlassian support. We also offer a high level of Jira support & confluence software support.
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    How Can We Help You?

    Atlassian support

    Need help integrating Atlassian software into your team? We have proven implementation strategies that help you get up and running as fast as possible.

    These include quick-start configurations, platform management, continual improvement services, ongoing coaching, team training/support, and more.

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    Jira support

    Atlassian’s Jira is a powerful project management tool designed to keep track of important tasks and who is doing them. It skyrockets both productivity and efficiency.

    We ensure you have the correct configuration, training, and support, meaning you can be 100% sure tasks get completed on time, every time.

    Learn More

    Confluence support

    Atlassian’s Confluence software offers knowledge management solutions, intranets and collaboration portals for businesses and organisations both big and small.

    Our enterprise-level guidance, coaching, and ongoing support guarantees you keep everyone up to speed on the need-to-knows of any project.

    Learn More

    Where to start?

    Maybe you’re not quite sure where to begin with Atlassian. Design Industries is a valuable resource of information regarding Atlassian products like Jira, Confluence, and more.

    We’ll get you up to speed on the basics of which Atlasssian products you need, and how they can help you increase your efficiency.

    Learn More

    What else do our pit crew provide?

    Do you need help identifying if you are getting the best value from your enterprise software platform?

    We breakdown the ‘road-worthiness’ of your business project management systems and show you how you implement projects faster with less effort and cost.

    You drive away knowing more about your business and its systems – and you’ll have a document outlining exactly how you can implement changes to boost efficiency and profits and a plan to ensure your business runs like a well-oiled machine.

    Here’s what our happy clients are saying……

    Design Industries are dynamic and great at tailoring Atlassian. We've worked with them for years; I'm always confident they can support our development with enthusiasm, professionalism & benchmark support

    Matt LecchiGlobal IT Operations Manager, Swisse Wellness, 2018

    Deploying DI’s Atlassian Patterns increased our productivity by 30%, reduced error’s by 90% and changed our release cycle from monthly to daily!

    IT managerWorld's Leading Wetstock Management Software Provider, 2016

    We reduced a number of tools across regions that caused miss-communication and inefficiency, bringing everyone into a single platform. By using the DI Configuration Patterns, we rapidly scaled Atlassian from 500 to 7,000 users, at the bare minimum doubling the efficiency of our teams, who are working on core bank payment systems such as our .com

    Paul AnastasopoulosANZ SDCP Platform Manager, 2016

    We have received prompt and flexible service at a competitive price. Our teams are able to collaborate more effectively.

    Ronny TseeProject Analyst, Monash College, 2018

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