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If you’re working in the Atlassian ecosystem, and not using a private, secure instant messenger, then you should be thinking about HipChat.

In fact, even if you are already using another instant messaging tool, you should be thinking about HipChat, because (unlike Skype and MSN Messenger) HipChat gives you full control of your users. What makes HipChat a standout choice is that it connects to over 45 tools that businesses use.

Private and secure – HipChat Server or cloud

With the recent release of Hipchat Server, options have now expanded from the fully hosted, private and secure HipChat that we know and love. A free version of hosted HipChat that includes group chat is still available to all. Or upsize to include video chat and screen share for a low per-user fee.

And for enterprise users, Hipchat Server lets you run HipChat behind your own firewall, so if you have regulatory, commercial or other reasons to control messaging in your organisation, there’s now an option for that too.

Flexibility for better collaboration

The flexibility of HipChat aligns with other Atlassian tools, enhancing collaboration and increasing velocity. In your HipChat rooms, your developers, project managers, account managers and even clients can work together in real time to make things happen. Screen sharing and video chat give you the next best thing to being in the same office. Remote teams and multiple locations are no longer the barrier to completing tasks and ironing out issues.

HipChat Integrations

Chat on any platform, in the office or on the road

And HipChat works across multiple platforms so for deskbound team members, it’s available on screen, but travels with you on your smart device when you’re out and about. Designed for all kinds of teams, HipChat offers native mobile clients for iPhone and Android, desktop clients for Mac, Windows and Linux, plus a browser version so you can log in from a browser – anywhere.

Project and discussion rooms

When your teams need a space to have a focused conversation about a specific project or release, HipChat gives you group chat rooms that users can chat in when they need to get things done. The rooms last as long as you need them to. Great for teams that work together from different locations. And every conversation is kept as a record, so you’ve got governance covered as well.

And for mockups or real-live examples, share images, documents and other files with fellow chatters then use HipChat’s history to access files later – from anywhere.

Get the right people talking

You can also invite people outside your organisation to participate in conversations. Get the right people involved in decisions. No log jams. HipChat allows you to invite guest participants – they could be vendors, clients or other third parties – and you retain control of the conversation.

And what would instant messaging be, without emoticons? HipChat comes with an ever-growing library of emoticons and memes, or add your own for a customised and branded experience.

Atlassian HipChat

Know stuff early

HipChat integrates beautifully with tracking and monitoring tools like New Relic and Pingdom, so you’re tapped into information. Know about issues with your systems and websites – before your users do.

In fact, with HipChat you can track and monitor many aspects of your business. Individuals in your teams can be notified when a colleague opens a pull request, pushes code or creates a branch.

A finger on the project’s pulse – for project managers and teams

And from individuals to project managers working with JIRA and Confluence and get things done, HipChat is also able to let you know about what matters – as it’s happening – right down to tracking tasks as they’re created or moving through workflow towards completion.

Customer service – with booster jets

HipChat also integrates easily with Zendesk, JIRA Service Desk and User Voice. So if help desks and customer service are your thing, you’ve got HipChat to give you lightning speed service, response and resolution.

Tune in to the power of Atlassian – and more

Put HipChat to work with your instances of JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, Stash, Bitbucket, GitHub… But with APIs and clever integration, you can also connect to other applications outside the Atlassian stack, making HipChat indispensable as the chat hub for all the work you do.

Contact Design Industries to find out how HipChat can give your teams the advantage of collaboration for super-connectivity and high speed deployment, with all the security of HipChat Server if you need it.

Love HipChat

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