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Michael Dockery is passionate about IT Service Management and he knows that Atlassian’s JIRA Service Desk delivers.

He provides an example.

Take a large organisation with many staff and laptops etc. It’s 6:00 pm and a user has a problem logging on. They pick up the phone and log a ticket with the Service Desk. And then another user experiences the same problem. And another. That’s three service tickets. So let’s assume your Service Desk staff will see a link, perform a triage and escalate to engineers. It could be a security breach. It could be a conflict of some sort. This type of issue will a high priority. This could easily result in the creation of an urgent development task, which your developers will complete, test and then push out to all affected devices and users, with communication to the people who raised the original tickets.'[/blockquote]

A single line of code

The end result will usually be linked to a line of code somewhere. Eventually you’ll have to get to that line of code.

Dockery says that if your IT team is using the Atlassian development stack, it ‘just makes sense’ to be able to interface seamlessly with internal and external customers.

Atlassian’s native integration means traceability

‘Traceability is more important than anything’, asserts Dockery, ‘and traceability requires deep integration between your service ticket system and the team who will provide the fix.’

With JIRA Service Desk, the integration is built in. It’s a service layer on top of the JIRA workflow powerhouse.

The benefits are tangible, he says. ‘Better Service Levels, better response time and better response quality.’

Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk

The high cost of application management

Application management can represent a significant slice of an organisation’s IT budget. Getting it right is pretty straightforward. If you have the right tools, you’re part way there. If you have the right tools and the right partner, you’re on your way to operational effectiveness – at velocity.

Atlassian tools and Design Industries can help you maximise your organisation’s capability, flexibility and agility.

Design Industries is hosting a JIRA Service Desk event on Thursday 28 August in Melbourne. Limited places available so register now to find out how JIRA Service Desk can help you get more out of your Service Desk.

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