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The Atlassian RoadTrip 2015 Melbourne was a huge success, Project Manager’s from Atlassian even stating it was the best one yet with only 1 more to go.

It was a busy day for all involved, Design Industries Ralph Braganza stated he was in the office by 8am and home just before midnight. Having attended the planned meetings and discussions throughout the day to the main presentation at Showtime Events Centre @ South Wharf Ralph was not only able to learn more on Atlassian’s newest product features but offer his knowledge and experience in return.  Ralph mentioned it was also a great opportunity to reconnect with existing clients whilst making new connections.

“Working with the atlassian team members and listening to customers feedback on future requests and the issues they are facing was invaluable” … Sam Pascua

An array of companies from different sectors and industries all came together to gain further insight and knowledge of the Atlassian stack. Businesses new to Atlassian gained more of an understanding on how Atlassian can benefit their company and the best way to utilise the tools at hand whilst existing users got to gain further insight to help better succeed.

Atlassian RoadTrip Melbourne

Atlassian also benefited by being able to identify client’s needs and issues they have run into. No matter how big or small a company was, the attendees could relate to common goals and practices, and with that common issues and hurdles. Having Atlassian present to discuss certain issues face to face gave attendees a stronger connection and more confidence to continually strive to succeed.

The main Atlassian RoadTrip event saw Bryan Rollins (JIRA General Manager) presenting on the best way Atlassian JIRA could benefit you as a business and your customer.  It was great to meet some of the Atlassian team Sten Pittet (Bamboo Product Manager), John Wetenhall (Confluence Product Marketing), Tom Kotecki (JIRA Agile Product Manager) and Dave Meyer (JIRA Product Manager) just to name a few.

A big thanks to all who took part and hope to see you all again soon!

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