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Design Industries are now Atlassian Enterprise Experts

We thought 2014 was wonderful, and it was. But 2015 is shaping up to be even better!

2014 was a huge Atlassian year, for one thing. A highlight was the Design Industries Atlassian Service Desk event we held at Albert Park. We even had experts flying in from San Francisco. It was a great opportunity to connect in person with a whole bunch of local clients who are experiencing the enormous value that implementing Atlassian tools can have for an organisation.

Atlassian Summit 2014

The Atlassian Conference in San Jose in September really took our appreciation of Atlassian to a whole new level. Nothing can replace the face to face experience of connecting with experts and fellow travelers. We were surrounded by the Atlassian Hoo Ha, and returned to the DI offices full of enthusiasm, insights and new ideas.

Atlassian Enterprise Expert

A good year for Atlassian Experts

On the home front, and back at the desk, we have had the privilege of working with some of the largest companies in Australia – and the world –implementing Atlassian into their environment, including strategy, integrations and customising their views and use of the Atlassian stack. We’ve also had the excitement of working with the agile development teams of smaller and medium sized Australian organisations across a range of sectors, bringing them Atlassian collaboration and efficiency onto their teams’ desktops and smartphones. And concurrently, our team of Atlassian experts has been developing some custom apps and fine-tuning our own Atlassian implementation and processes so that we’re still operating with one of the leanest and most effective teams in the business.

So, without wanting to overstate the effect, we can honestly say that during 2014, Atlassian transformed our business and or lives.

2015 – Atlassian Enterprise Experts

To top it off – and turbo boost us into 2015 – we’ve just received news from Atlassian that Design Industries are now Atlassian Enterprise Experts. The title recognises our expertise in providing services to enterprise-level – for the whole Atlassian stack. So that thing we’ve been doing, where we help enterprises successfully integrate and collaborate using the Atlassian tool-set, achieve velocity in their development cycles, and achieve the operational advantages of a team with access to collaboration, transparency and fast response? That’s the thing we’ll keep doing.

So watch out for us at the Atlassian RoadTrip when it visits Melbourne in March, stay tuned for updates on the 2015 Atlassian Summit, and get in touch if you’d like to hear more about what an Atlassian Enterprise Expert can do for your organisation.

Atlassian Roadtrip 2015

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