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Design Industries believes in making software easier to use and simpler to manage so that your business can focus on generating value. We have a passion for systems that save time, increase productivity and deliver reliable results that can be tracked with high visibility.

We have a long history working with Australia’s most innovative organisations to ensure their software and e-commerce solutions are achieving the outcomes that really matter.

In recent years, we have established our reputation as a leading Atlassian Expert. We have enabled Australian businesses and service providers to ‘dream big, work smart and deliver fast’ using Atlassian products. Our clients have successfully implemented JIRA – the world’s best tool to plan, track issues and work as a team to ship great products. We have established Confluence as a place for our client’s to share, find, collaborate, and get more work done. JIRA Service Desk has ensured that our clients’ customer commitments are met with powerful SLAs, custom queues and realtime reporting. Atlassian DevTools have provided our client’s development teams with everything they need to review, test and manage code.

Having achieved such success deploying and maintaining Atlassian products in Australia’s leading brands, the team at Design Industries has been searching, testing and developing expertise in other products that match our mission of ‘getting more done in less time’.

In particular, we wanted to identify the best ways to:

  • automate the provisioning, configuration and ongoing management of all the software running on our client’s machines
  • collect, monitor, analyse and visualise the ever-growing amount of data being produced by our client’s software systems

And our search has been successful.

Puppet Labs Logo Puppet Labs provides the power for our clients to automate every step of the software delivery process, from provisioning of physical and virtual machines to orchestration and reporting; from early-stage code development through testing, production release and updates.

Sumo Logic Logo Sumo Logic enables our client’s DevOps, IT Infrastructure/Ops and Compliance/Security teams to effortlessly collect terabytes of data from any app, cloud, device, custom hardware, sensor, server and network source. Sumo Logic then allows this data to be searched, correlated and visualised in real time, including custom alerts that proactively notify specific events and outliers in data streams.

We are therefore very pleased to announce that from September 2015 Design Industries will be the only Australian provider that has formal partner/expert status with all three of these essential (and surprisingly affordable) products – Atlassian, Puppet Labs and Sumo Logic.

In simple terms, Design Industries is now uniquely placed to deliver a powerful cycle of software management in any organisation.

Sumologic, Puppet Labs, Atlassian

Our partnerships with Sumo Logic and Puppet Labs represent a major advance in our capacity to support DevOps teams.

With Puppet, we can help your business:

  • define a configuration once, and apply it to thousands of machines
  • reduce cycle times to get more software deployed
  • make fast, iterative changes
  • automatically remediate configuration drift
  • get detailed insight into hardware and software configurations

This ensures your teams are freed up to work on projects that deliver more business value, while at the same time delivering consistency, reliability and stability.

With Sumo Logic, teams get end-to-end visibility across the application stack; real-time monitoring, troubleshooting and root cause analysis; and powerful analytics.

For DevOps teams this means improved code, accelerated releases, increased uptime and the capacity to continuously innovate. For your IT infrastructure and operations teams this simplifies migrations, reduces complexity and ensures quick adaption to industry and user trends. And for your security and compliance teams, Sumo will shorten audit cycles, automate compliance updates and help ‘discover the unknown’ with precise anomaly detection.

Just like the Atlassian stack, both Puppet Labs and Sumo Logic also have the positive effect of bringing your various teams together – breaking down the silos that can emerge in businesses of all sizes. The savings in time, resources and lost opportunities can be extraordinary when all your teams are sharing ‘the same truth’ about critical issues.

What’s more, our clients can use Puppet’s automation framework to instantly deploy and activate Sumo Logic collectors in cloud-based or on-premise infrastructure.

So, if you’re yet to implement one or more of these three powerful tools, now is the time to talk to Design Industries about how we can reduce your costs, improve your outcomes and increase your productivity (and make your teams a whole lot happier at the same time).

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