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Take home message: If you already use JIRA Service Desk and HipChat, you’re a few clicks away from increased performance. If you only use JIRA Service Desk, now is the time to start using HipChat as well.

Why read this blog post: You want to improve the quality, speed and efficiency of the way your business resolves service desk tickets. You’re also the type of person that wants instant notification on your phone when the CEO lodges a 10pm service desk request for a password reset (just to make sure).

What’s new:Atlassian HipChat and JIRA Service Desk are now integrated. As a result, collaboration to resolve service tickets can be super-charged.

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Before we look at the happy union of HipChat and JIRA Service Desk, here’s a quick overview of how each service already does a great job on its own:

JIRA Service Desk

is an add-on to JIRA that allows an unlimited number of your internal and external customers to lodge a service request ticket through a web-based customer interface. The ticket is then managed through to resolution using configurable service level agreements, prioritized queues and a high level of integration with your other services. It is straightforward to set up, very cost effective and simple to manage. JIRA Service Desk also provides great visibility for service desk managers to ensure commitments to customers (like response times and escalations) are met.


is an instant messaging service for business teams. It provides one-on-one messaging and group chat rooms that run on most operating systems and devices. HipChat features searchable message history, inline images, video calling, SMS messaging and cloud-based file storage. HipChat integrates with more than 80 other products, which means that you and your teams get instant notification – anywhere, anytime – of actions across your services. This includes notifications from Atlassian tools such as JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket as well as external products such as Google Drive, Twitter and WordPress. Oh, and did we mention the basic version of Hipchat is free? HipChat

At Design Industries, we knew it was only a matter of time before these two stand-out products achieved a powerful integration. We’re pleased to announce that time has come.

If you already have both HipChat and JIRA Service Desk, you can now achieve:

  • Instant collaboration on service desk tickets:Up until now, getting a group of people to collaborate on a complicated or urgent service ticket has usually involved a combination of group emails and other tools, with too much time spent waiting for responses and duplicating effort.   With the integration of HipChat and JIRA Service Desk, all of the people that need to be involved in resolving a service ticket can be notified instantly with one click, as soon as the ticket is received. The team can then work together in HipChat – using chat rooms, video conferencing, searchable history and file storage – to resolve the service ticket.
  • Real time monitoring of your service desk anytime, anywhere: With the integration of HipChat and JIRA Service Desk, you can be instantly notified when service tickets are lodged from specific customers at different priority levels. So, when the CEO lodges a ticket while you’re out of the office, you’ll instantly receive a notification on your tablet, iphone or Android device and you can really make sure it’s properly managed. Just imagine the headaches that will save. What’s more, you can search in HipChat for every conversation about the service ticket, so you’re always across the latest status, even when it involves multiple teams.

If you want help making the most of the HipChat and JIRA Service Desk integration, drop a line to the Design Industries team. And if you currently don’t have HipChat or JIRA Service Desk – and like what you’ve seen – contact our Atlassian experts who can make it all happen.

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