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The marriage between JIRA, the Mortein of bug tracking, and Zendesk, the Help Desk superhero, has been given a revamp. The update ensures that their forces combined are bugs’ worst nightmare.

Zendesk recently posted on their blog.

Managing feature requests, bug reports and other suggestions alongside scheduled updates can be difficult.

Ah-ha, indeed, combating bugs and tracking multiple projects – often using multiple business tools – often doesn’t go smoothly.  Yep, don’t we know it.

The revamped, two-way integration means JIRA and Zendesk users – support staff and backend team – can collaborate on customer support requests associated with issues – like pesky bugs – by sharing tickets.  With ease they can edit, update or resolve a ticket easily between helpdesk and issue-tracking applications.  It avoids losing data between help desk and development teams and minimises miscommunication associated with sharing between platforms.  In short, it gets both teams on the same page.

We’ve beefed up our integration [with JIRA] to make the experience seamless, allowing agents and developers to volley support tickets back and forth like McEnroe and Borg (at a non-competitive charity exhibition match.).

The customer gets fast, consistent support as all comments and progress are tracked in both systems. Of course, resolving problems faster means happier customers.

The handiest tools in the web-support-shed working in alignment can only be a good thing.

Read the Zendesk blog here or get more product info here.

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