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We are thrilled to share groundbreaking news that will reshape the Jira Plugin app landscape. We are excited to announce the strategic partnership between Design Industries (DI) and Metricus, two industry-leading innovators in the Atlassian ecosystem. This collaboration aims to empower Jira users with an extensive suite of solutions that will optimize workflows, enhance productivity, and drive exceptional business outcomes.

Revolutionizing Jira’s User Interface 

Design Industries (DI) is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner that specializes in delivering exceptional user experiences within the Atlassian suite. With our profound understanding of Jira’s architecture and commitment to user-centric design principles, DI has become a trusted partner for businesses seeking to enhance Jira’s user interface. Through DI’s team of certified Atlassian experts, teams can transform Jira into an intuitive, visually captivating platform tailored to their unique requirements. These plugins offer streamlined navigation, customized workflows, and enhanced usability, ensuring a seamless user experience. By empowering teams with an engaging interface, DI’s plugins drive user adoption and maximize efficiency across organizations.

Unleashing Jira’s Analytics Potential

Metricus stands as a leading provider of analytics solutions for Jira, enabling businesses to harness the power of data and unlock valuable insights for informed decision-making. As a trusted partner, Metricus offers a Jira plugin that empower organizations to fully exploit Jira’s analytical capabilities. With Metricus’s analytics plugins, Jira users can generate comprehensive reports, visualize key metrics, and identify trends to optimize their processes. This plugin provides crucial insights into team performance, process health, and resource allocation, enabling CEOs to make data-driven decisions that enhance productivity and fuel business growth.

Strategic collaboration between DI and Metricus

The strategic collaboration between Design Industries and Metricus represents a fusion of design and analytics, resulting in a stremalined suite of plugins that seamlessly integrate and complement each other. This partnership aims to revolutionize collaboration and process management practices, delivering heightened efficiency and unparalleled business outcomes.

By combining Design Industries’ team of experts and with Metricus’s advanced analytics capabilities, Jira users can experience a comprehensive solution that caters to their diverse needs. Process Managers , Data and Business Analysts gain access to intuitive navigation, visually appealing dashboards, and actionable insights that empower them to optimize their processes effectively.

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Benefits of the DI and Metricus Partnership for CEOs and Teams

The partnership between Design Industries and Metricus brings forth a plethora of benefits for teams leveraging Jira. Key advantages include:

  • Enhanced user experience within Jira, leading to improved user adoption and productivity.
  • Unlocking the full potential of data, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Streamlined workflows and optimized processes, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced manual effort.
  • Data-driven strategies that drive business growth, improve process management, and foster innovation.

This partnership signifies an era of innovation and productivity within the Atlassian ecosystem designed for IT managers, project managers, and business owners who needs deeper understanding of their productivity and efficiency level.  By uniting DI’s expertise with advanced analytics capabilities, this collaboration equips Jira users with a comprehensive toolkit to unlock Jira’s true potential. Together, Design Industries and Metricus will revolutionize the way you work, driving exceptional efficiency, productivity, and success.


Partner with us today to unlock the unparalleled potential of Jira for your organization.

To learn more about Design Industries and explore their range of solutions, book with our solution specialist here. For insights into the analytics capabilities offered by Metricus, please visit

Article written by Kathzie Yambao

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