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So here’s something to celebrate. The team at DI are a talented bunch and we’d like to tell you about JiraTracker – an app that one of our Atlassian Jira experts has recently created for Windows phones.

The idea

DI Senior Engineer Gabriel Garcia (aka Gaby) wanted to come up with a way to view and post to the DI Jira instance while he was on the move.

Atlassian’s Jira is a tool that helps the team here at DI work more productively on internal and client projects.

‘I wanted to take that up a notch and create an App that would let me stay in touch with important issues no matter where I am.’

Encouragement from DI

‘It’s a great idea. We believe in giving staff time to explore their own projects. What Gaby’s come up with is great for us, too. The whole team uses the app, and we love it.’

The JiraTracker Windows Phone App

The JiraTracker App is available now on the website.


Fast, with a clean, Windows Phone (metro) interface, the app works with installed and On Demand instances of Jira using REST Protocol. The app is also available as a free trial for testing..

Users can view their activity stream and assigned issues as well as being able to sort, filter, create, edit, assign and delete issues and manage attachments. The app allows time tracking on tasks and the ability to add comments.

For a full list of features and to download your copy, visit the JiraTracker page on the website.

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