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‘I can’t wait to be surrounded by all the Atlassian Hoo Ha.’

That’s what DI’s Sam Pascua said recently, about the Atlassian Summit 2014 event scheduled for 9, 10 and 11 September in San Jose, California.

He’s going, this year. As Atlassian Experts, Design Industries will definitely have a presence at the summit. The event’s website says that ‘Summit is designed for those who drive their teams to greatness’.

And Design Industries will be there for that reason, among others.

‘An Atlassian Summit offers insights that are unavailable any other way, and that’s just one of the reasons that the trip is an important one to make’.

San Francisco is close to half way around the world from Melbourne, but the time and dollar cost is a low-risk investment for the guys behind DI. Here’s Sam Pascua’s top three reasons to think that Atlassian Summit 2014 offers great ROI.

The knowledge in the room

As Atlassian Experts, the team at Design Industries knows a lot about Atlassian products, but the Summit provides a unique opportunity to see different ways to implement and use the features of Atlassian tools. With case studies and real examples from all around the world in multiple industry sectors, there are always new way to implement – and the DI crew hope to come back with some new ideas to implement in their own projects as well as boost their clients’ Atlassian experience.

Access to gurus

‘There are people at this event who know pretty much everything there is to know in their area of expertise.’

Guest speakers bring their extraordinary achievements to the Summit and share practical insights with audiences. Pascua is looking forward to picking some brains and seeing how other experts are using Atlassian tools.

‘Atlassian changes the way teams work. We’re always looking for ways to improve what we do.’

The latest, newest, up-to-datest

Features. Plugins. Addons. Atlassian Summit offers opportunities to see new stuff before it’s seen anywhere else – and the promise of access to a wide range of Atlassian gadgetry and geekery is making Pascua’s mouth water.

‘Whatever we learn, we bring it back to our clients.’

As far as Pascua is concerned, that’s one of the outcomes he’s most looking forward to.

JIRA Service Desk Event in Melbourne

Not quite a summit, but expect insights and gurus at the watch out for the JIRA Service Desk event in Melbourne on 18 August, sponsored by Design Industries. Watch the Design Industries blog and Facebook page for updates.

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