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Gartner evaluated 14 global DevOps platform vendors based on the Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision.

We believe the announcement builds on the recent recognition of Atlassian as a leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Platforms.

Atlassian provides a single, extensible DevOps platform for engineering, ITOps, and business teams so you can accelerate engineering velocity, improve DevOps and application health, increase uptime/reliability, and ultimately deliver value faster throughout your entire stack.

“Companies of all sizes need to continually transform and leverage new technologies to unlock value for their customers, which requires deep expertise and an interconnected ecosystem of tools,” said Cameron Deatsch, Chief Revenue Officer at Atlassian. “We believe the recognition of Atlassian as a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for DevOps Platforms reflects our unique approach and the value we provide by accelerating software delivery, improving DevOps health, and bridging engineering and business teams together.”

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Three key trends are driving Atlassian’s Open DevOps platform adoption across teams of all sizes:

Modern DevOps has evolved beyond configuration files, managing CI/CD pipelines, and supporting service SLOs. With more organizations than ever adopting DevOps practices versus centralized, command-and-control operations, Atlassian is the only platform that provides a direct feedback loop across the entire software development lifecycle—from incident management and application health to feature ideation and sprint planning—to improve engineering velocity and application health.

Developers, ITOps, product, and business teams require a shared knowledge pipeline. While the shift to autonomous DevOps teams and progressive delivery can accelerate feature delivery, organizations often reach a tipping point where the lack of shared context outweighs gains. For modern teams to push past this complexity limit, they need to be able to connect metrics, platform services, and intuitive best practices across software development teams, ITOps, product, and business teams.

No one-size fits all for your stack. Atlassian’s extensible DevOps Platform offers the easy onboarding, DevOps guidance, and governance of an all-in-one solution while providing the ability to customize for nearly any stack and use case with thousands of integrations and pre-built templates. With Atlassian’s OpenDevOps platform, enterprises can maintain context while continually evolving their toolchains based on unique needs and market conditions.

Atlassian recently announced major innovations to help software teams reduce cognitive load, accelerate delivery, and measure business impact, including:

Gather ideas from everywhere, prioritize them in one place, and share product plans. 

Jira Product Discovery empowers product teams to capture and prioritize ideas, connect business and tech teams, and align everyone within Jira.

Natively bring DevSecOps into planning with Security in Jira. 

Aggregate security vulnerabilities across software delivery architecture. Create work issues to address vulnerabilities detected by connected security tools with all of the vulnerability contexts available in Jira.

See how incidents impact developer experience, application health, and ops readiness.

Connect meant time to recovery (MTTR), application health, and developer experience by pulling incident management and deployment events from Jira Service Management into Atlassian’s software component catalog powered by Compass.

Get richer cross-product insights with Atlassian Analytics. 

Integrate all of your DevOps data and flow metrics in one place to understand how work gets done across teams, including custom data analysis with a powerful SQL interface, out-of-the-box templates for value stream management, asset management, content management, and DevOps use cases, and database connectors for popular third-party sources.

Say hello to your new AI-powered virtual teammate with Atlassian Intelligence.

Atlassian Intelligence leverages both internal Artificial Intelligence models and OpenAI’s AI technology to help teams accelerate work. With Atlassian Intelligence users can get instant help with the virtual agent in Jira Service Management, get up to speed quickly by creating, summarizing, and extracting information from content quickly, and answer anything, by performing complex search queries in the Jira Cloud family of products, Confluence Cloud or Atlassian Analytics with natural language search.

Help autonomous teams deploy faster with a centralized release hub.

Atlassian’s new release hub provides cross-functional teams everything they need in one place to ship changes to their customers. Teams can define release requirements together—such as approvals, collaborators and owners, deployment location, feature flag progress, and release notes status—while easily communicating milestone progress with real-time accuracy.

To get started with Atlassian’s Open DevOps Platform, sign up for your free account today.

To learn more, download your copy of the complete 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for DevOps Platforms.

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Article written by Director of Product Marketing, DevOps

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